Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Phishy Sims 3!

Well, I have finally gone and done it...I have had Sims 3 for quite some time, but this will mark the first time I am blogging about it. Pretty exciting, for me...maybe not for everyone, but meh. Those who stay and read, I play for my free time. Just decided that I could once again share the magic that can be my personal sims experience.

One project I have been loving is Lothario: A Legacy Challenge. My new blog about *the* Don Lothario and his bad self. Ladies, start swooning!


I recently did a complete overhaul of my pc, which means a clean install of my sims! I did backup my previous Sims 3 adventures on my home server, but found it rather exciting to go in clean. Each neighborhood and pre-made family untouched and in original EA form.

To fully understand what I have going in...I play Sims 3 with the base game (obviouslly), and the following expansion packs: World Adventures, Ambitions, and Late Night. I do not have stuff packs, but do have as much Sims 3 store content as I can get my hands on. *w*

And it was not long before I found myself looking for a challenge to get us into and found this gem...the Generations Challenge. It really is how I have played, in a sense, since I first started in the Sims 3.

You can find my version of this challenge here.

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