Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Rose Island: A Prosperity Challenge

Welcome to Rose Island!
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Photo of Rose Island Neighborhood as of end of Round 13

To start from the beginning click here and follow the story by clicking on 'Next' at the bottom of each entry, or pick up where you left off by clicking on the induvidual links below:

Round 14 (NEW!!!)


SGX1018 said...

Awesome way of organizing your post! It seems like you have certainly spent some time on your blog, Congrats! Hope my advice really helped!

Charity said...

Hi Shaunna. Just wanted to stop by and let you know that your blog is next on my list to get caught up on. I've already read the basement tutorial, because I'm a sucker for tutorials :) Also, I've downloaded your simself, so hopefully she'll show up in my game soon!

Mrs. Stuffy said...

I have spent a couple of days reading your entire Blog . . . I loved it. The Characters are GREAT and your writing is touching and beautiful. Congrats on a wonderful prosperity challenge.